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MUN Conference 2020

MUN Conference 2020

Title: A Silent World

The theme of AKIS MUN 2020 is ‘A Silent World’. Our conference revolves around the idea of shedding light on issues that are swept into a corner and ignored. We want to empower our attendees to have the courage to speak up for the unheard, the repressed, the mistreated, and the misunderstood.  

Given the complexities of our contemporary lives it’s easy to be caught up in its lively pursuits and materialism, forgetting those around us who have far less. We need to aim to become a society of altruism and stand up for one another. As to live in an ideal world - free of poverty, war and conflict, our generation needs to unite to fight for the good of our future. 

A single voice as small as it may be, has the potential to create a ripple effect; you may be one voice, but when we each share our voices, we unite in power. Power strong enough to make change, for the better.

The executive team will be a memorable experience for our attendees and that they will leave feeling inspired to use their voices for the better. Striving to become pioneers of positive change, whether on a small or grand scale.

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