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Counselling Service

Counselling Service

At AKIS the wellbeing of our students is of great importance to us. This focus has led to the establishment of a counselling service, to complement the existing school services focussing on the welfare of the students.

The counselling service offers students support by providing a non-judgemental, empathic, safe space where they can speak with a counsellor, should they wish to. A school counsellor is someone who speaks and listens to students and seeks to help them through any areas of their lives where they may be experiencing some difficulty.

With the counsellor students can explore their thoughts and feelings using a variety of tools including creative play, discussion and art. The main aim of the counselling service is to help students with their personal, educational and social needs, enabling them to gain a better understanding of themselves in order to develop strategies to cope with life, so they can thrive as they navigate through their school years.

Raising Third Culture Kids

Information for parents raising children who have spent a significant part of their developmental years outside of the parents' culture.

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