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MOE Curriculum

MOE Curriculum

Arabic First Language

All students who have Arabic as their mother tongue are required to study Arabic as a first language.  Many Arabic universities and higher education institutions use the language as the medium of instruction, therefore a high level of competency in Arabic is an important pre-requisite.

For younger students, we believe that having an excellent grasp of standard Arabic is essential to communicate effectively and better relate to the Arab culture.

Our licensing body, The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOE), defines the programme of study in Arabic as a first language, and with dedicated resources, adhere to this requirement.

Arabic Second Language

As part of the British Curriculum, students who do not speak Arabic as their mother tongue will have the option to study it as a second language.

In Key Stage 1, learning focuses on reading and writing in Arabic. Letter sounds and formations are taught using sensory materials and activities to make the topics engaging and promote learning. Once students have a grasp of the basics, we begin to build vocabulary around topics including numbers, shapes, colours and fruits, to develop conversational skills.

In Key Stage 2, students are given the opportunity to broaden their lexical phrases using various topics such as classroom, home, local area, health, weather, hobbies, jobs, transport and shopping. Each topic adds value to their language skills and enhances their vocabulary, with related phrases and grammar. In addition, students continue to develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and Arab culture.

AKIS follows an Arabic phonics programme which is integrated into student learning across all topics from Year 1 right through to Year 6.

Islamic Studies

Although a diverse community of many different nationalities, at AKIS we feel it is important to provide students with the opportunity to deepen their spiritual and religious knowledge.  Dedicated curriculum time is devoted to Islamic studies, for Islamic students.

Qatar History

All students will study Qatar history up to the age of 15.  We follow the MOE curriculum, and use the resources recommended by them.  At AKIS we believe that for students to become global citizens, they require to develop a respect for, and celebrate local heritage.  For non-Qatari students, this learning experience enables them to have a greater understanding and empathy with the local community. Qatar history is also delivered in Arabic for students with Arabic as their first language.

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