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Introduction to British Curriculum Secondary

BC Secondary

BC Senior accounts for Years 7 to 13 across three key stages. By the time the students graduate, they leave AKIS as confident, caring and responsible global citizens with the academic and social skills to participate successfully in higher education and the workplace, and to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

Key Stage 3 - Years 7 - 9

Key Stage 3 - Years 7 - 9

We liaise closely with Key Stage 2 colleagues and the Student Affairs team to provide a smooth transition from Primary to Secondary.

As part of a broad and balanced curriculum the students study English, mathematics, science, ICT, geography, history, a language (Arabic, French or Bahasa), design and technology, art and design, performing arts, physical education, and Islamic studies or personal, social and health education.

An enquiring and investigative approach to learning helps to develop personal learning and thinking skills. In English, mathematics, and science, students are placed in sets according to ability, thus ensuring that each individual is both suitably challenged and appropriately supported. Assessment data, including from National Curriculum tests, are used to closely monitor learning progression.

Key Stage 4 - Years 10 - 11

Key Stage 4 - Years 10 - 11

Students take the two-year GCSE (General Certificate in Secondary Education) courses in Years 10 and 11. The syllabi and the final examinations sat by students at the end of Year 11 are set by UK examination boards.

All students follow a core programme of English language and literature, mathematics, science, physical education, and Islamic studies or global citizenship.

In addition, each student must choose four optional subjects from the following: biology, chemistry, physics, geography, history, ICT, computing, product design, engineering, business studies, economics, French, Arabic as a first language, Arabic as a foreign language, classical Arabic, Bahasa, psychology, media studies, art and design, film and photography, drama, music, and physical education.

Accelerated routes in maths and science provide individual pathways for high ability students, as well as a foundation programme for those requiring additional support.

Key Stage 5 - Years 12 - 13

Key Stage 5 - Years 12 - 13

Most students specialise in three or four advanced level courses from a broad range of subjects. Specialised guidance is given from our dedicated Careers Advisor, to help students select subjects relevant to their higher education and career plans.

Years 12 and 13 also have access to a modern sixth form study centre with technology and space to provide a positive learning environment.

In addition to advanced level courses, transitional courses are also offered to help students gain entry into advanced level courses or provide the functional skills necessary to gain entry into further education colleges.

In this stage, the encouragement of independent learning skills and the provision of numerous self-development and leadership opportunities are designed to prepare students for entry to reputable universities around the world, and for the pursuit of a wide a range of successful careers.

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