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Central Board of Secondary Education Senior

CBSE Senior

CBSE Senior caters to the educational needs of the students from Grade 6 to 12.  

Similar to CBSE Junior, the senior school boasts well equipped and modern science labs, two IT labs, a spacious multi purpose hall, a music room, art room and outdoor space.

The school is proud to be supported by well qualified, experienced teaching and administrative staff, dedicated to their profession.



Hones the basic skills of language, as well as development of student competency. Learning is enhanced with participation in recitals, elocution competitions and international assessments.


Students have an opportunity to study an additional language. From Grades 1 to 10, a second language choice will be offered, and a third from Grades 5 to 8. Language choices include:

2nd Languages 3rd Languages
Hindi (Course B) Hindi
Malayalam French
Tamil Gujarati
French Arabic


Our mathematics classes aim to:

  • develop competence and confidence in performing mathematical procedures.
  • achieve a lasting understanding of fundamental mathematics concepts.
  • apply mathematical language in real life.

We follow the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern to improve student performance by regularly identifying areas for improvement, and by deploying suitable remedial measures.


Aims to nurture the curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and scientific knowledge of students. From Grade 6 to 10, students will study general science. In Grades 11 and 12, there will be the opportunity to also study physics, chemistry, and biology, for those considering it as a professional discipline.

Social Science

Social Science is an integral component of our curriculum as it helps students understand the environment in its totality and develops a broader perspective of the world. This supports our aim to steer students down a path of becoming well informed and responsible citizens with necessary attributes and skills for being able to participate and contribute effectively in the process to society.


Students learn a wide range of computer skills focused on CBSE Curriculum in our state of the art computer lab facilities. In Grades 12 and 12, students have the opportunity to study computer science and informatics practices.


Students are taught the foundations of music in its various forms, as well as being introduced to key instruments.

Physical Education

Through Physical Education (PE) and sporting activities, students learn the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, teamwork, and develop leadership and communication skills. In addition to PE, CBSE Senior also offers and engaging and varied Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) programme after school so students have the opportunity to enhance their learning.

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