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House System

House System

At AKIS the house system promotes academic and behavioural excellence and provides opportunities for our students to develop as intelligent, global citizens.

Our six pastoral houses

  • Avicenna
  • Shakespeare
  • Confucius
  • Battuta
  • Curie
  • Socrates

are overseen by Housemasters, and have been named to inspire our students and reflect the attributes that we value and aspire towards at AKIS.

Our pastoral systems operate as small communities across all AKIS schools. Each student is known, valued and supported on a personal level by their Key Stage assigned Housemaster.

Working closely with relevant academic staff, Housemasters are responsible for ensuring that each student makes academic progress in line with their potential and age expectation. They are there to support students and ensure intervention issues are raised for those students who are not progressing as expected. Housemasters also ensure that exemplary standards of both behaviour and uniform are maintained.

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