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Learning Support

Learning Support

At AKIS we recognise that some students may encounter obstacles to learning.

All of our academic staff are qualified and experienced in implementing strategies to differentiate learning and cater to students in the mainstream classroom. We also offer a dedicated Learning Support department, comprised of a specialist team who are able to offer personalised support programmes for a range of identified Special Educational Needs (SEN). Learning support is always aimed at ensuring that students are able to enjoy the benefits of a mainstream schooling environment, whilst still making academic progress in line with their potential.

As a truly global community, many of our students arrive at AKIS needing to develop their English language proficiency, which is vital for understanding and progression in all subjects. The Learning Support department is able to offer English as an Additional Language (EAL) support to identified students. These students are identified at point of admission and through ongoing collaboration with academic staff. The key objective will always be to ensure that students are integrated effectively into all subject areas, with a command of English that enables them to make the expected progress. 

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