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Post 16

Post 16

We offer relatively small class sizes and very close support to each student through our House System and Post 16 team.

The Post 16 team oversee the teaching, learning and holistic development of our CBSE Grade 11 and 12 CBSE, and BC Year 12 and 13 students.  Our aim is to develop student independence and ensure all pupils are prepared for the next stage of their individual development.

We have an impressive Post 16 study centre, which provides access to computers and areas for silent study; inclusive of a design suite furnished with Mac computers for our design students. There is also a large, modern common room with catering facilities.

Being involved in whole school life, taking responsibility and maximising the opportunities for social and personal development are important aspects of being a Post 16 student. Accordingly, there is an ‘adult attitude’ in AKIS Post 16, which both academically and socially, acts as a bridge between school, university and/or employment.

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