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First and Second Prize in BSME Art Competition

First and Second Prize in BSME Art Competition

Year 12 students, Nadia Thayyiba, and Salwa Putri Andini Nurul Ummah, have won first and second prize respectively in the SRS BSME Art Competition – drawing and painting category.

Both pieces express an emotion, state of mind, or a moment from the past. By infusing line, shape and figure to convey a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. The inspiration captures a moment of life, or elements from contemporary historical feeling. Salwa's message is contemporary with a focus on world piece for all the wars that are taking place. The white dove represents peace, freedom, and love with the hands opening up to this; the blue water represents purity and calm. Nadia (left) aspires to become an illustrator, her work represented four cultures/ religions sharing food together, without discrimination or hesitation.

This year’s competition saw 190 students across the MENA region showcasing their creativity and passion for art. The competition was judged by four experts from the region. The art director, Lidia Habibinia, expressed her admiration for the students who used their artistic skills to express their voice and contribute to the elimination of conflict around the world.

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